BACK on the RACK opened its doors in April of 2012. Clothing, furniture, and a handful of formal gowns began to fill a small space in Coloma, Michigan. After 3 months, we knew we needed a bigger space. In November of 2012, we made the short move to Watervliet, Michigan - just a few miles east - and set up in a space nearly double the size of our first one. In July of 2013, we expanded into the back half of the building and we now have over 3,000 square feet of shopping space!

We believe that every thing (and every one) deserves a second chance. Our store is filled with items so gently worn that it's hard to tell whether they're new or used. Many items in the store still have tags attached and are priced at 40-50% off the retail price. Previously owned, and very gently worn items are priced at 60-80% off the retail price. That means you can score a $100 dress in like-new condition for $20-40! After a period of time, unsold items are reduced to "can't resist" prices! Many unsold items are donated to local churches, families in need, and animal shelters. And sometimes we just put a rack out on the sidewalk with a big "FREE" sign. (That tends to freak people out!) Some unsold items are re-purposed. That means using it for something it wasn't originally intended to be. What a chance to get creative!

We love the idea of keeping things out of the landfills for as long as possible.